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Let Us Build You A Profitable 100% Hands-Free Amazon Store

Let Us Build You A Profitable
100% Hands-Free Amazon Store

Frequently Asked Questions

The average setup costs range from $40,000 to $70,000, but there are options that serve smaller and larger budgets.

We have several programs to minimize the risk for our clients:

1. Buy back your store, should your net profits be less than the initial service fee you paid after the 24 month period. Worst-case: you break-even on your investment.

2. Buy back your store, should it not sell products after 90 days of getting started. 

The client owns their store(s) 100%, We are only serving as the business manager.

Initially our founders did. But there are 2 reasons for why we partner with clients.

1. Amazon limits the number of stores a single individual can own. So by partnering with clients, Rise Up can continue to expand its portfolio while our clients benefit from our expertise.

2. In order to source exclusive products at good rates, suppliers require a high minimum order quantity (MOQ). So by pooling our capital with our clients, we get access to more exclusive products at better rates making our stores and our client stores more competitive in the market place.

The client funds the setup and development of the business, and we take care of the day-to-day operations.  We receive a monthly commission based on the client’s net profits after all expenses.

While we handle almost the entire process, there are some housekeeping items, primarily in the setup phase, that the client should expect. These include things like forming an entity, opening a business bank account, and other related administrative tasks.