Process Overview

We start by looking closely at your goals

We’ll create a custom Amazon strategy for you. We’ll pick highly researched products for your store and keep an eye on how well they do. We’ll maintain ongoing communication & keep you updated, so you always know how your store is doing. And we constantly optimize to maximize your results.

How It Works

We start by helping you choose from our variety of service packages. After selecting the one that best suites your needs, we walk you through bringing together essential working capital required to get you started. After that, once you’re signed on, we connect you with your account manager and hit the ground running. 

Now we get your LLC set up for this business & get your new business bank account set up. Then your account managers will get your Amazon seller central account set up and approved so you can be ready for business. Finally, your account managers get to work, finding you proper products to launch on your store. 

Your store will start off slow in most cases due to the 3-month probation period that every new Amazon account has to go through. This gives us time to optimize your store & find more & more products to sell. Once the probation period ends, we’re ready to scale hard, and at this point we already have the right product mix for your store. 

Let Rise Up
Do the Work

A DFY solution that gives you the passive income goals of your dreams